[NEWS UPDATE] – VK0WN is now QRT. Operator Warren has returned home and will be dealing with QSL requests soon once cards arrive back from printer.

[SEPTEMBER 28] – Warren, VK0WN continues to be active from Casey Station when time permits on 20M SSB. Here’s an audio recording made by DX-World earlier today:

[JUNE 4] – Cluster spots suggest VK0WN is active on 20m SSB between 04:45-07:45z. He uses an inverted-V for 20m and 100w barefoot. Video below from mid-May this year:

[APRIL 30, 2022] Warren, VK7WN is a member of the 2022 southern hemisphere over-winter team who will be based at Casey Station, Antarctica. Activity from here as VK0WN will take place when time permits, and Warren mentions the LoTW registration process is underway, as are QSL cards. QRX for more info. 

Webcam view of Casey Station