JUNE 25 – Beware the VK0MQ pirate station. Matt says this “station” is answering calls alongside the real VK0MQ on FT8 F/H mode. If you’re not in Matt’s log this is why. He uploads his logs to LoTW every month. 

Credit: VK0MQ

JUNE 12, 2022 – Info posted on QRZ.com and quoted here:

Matt (VK5HZ) on Macquarie Island 2022. Still setting things up but hope to be on air more from mid June for a few months, should be active on SSB and FT8. Rig IC-7100, tuned vertical whip. Currently have quite a high noise floor – planning to relocate to a more RF quiet area soon.. QSL arrangements TBC. Log-check here

Macquarie Island Webcam

NOTE: Previously Matt was active as VK0HZ from Davis Station. Pictures credit VK0MQ