[NEWS UPDATE] – Here’s an update direct from Allan VK0AW/MM:

I’m currently on the voyage down as mentioned below sitting in the middle of the southern ocean on the AIVIQ. Current estimates are that we should be arriving at Mawson in 10 days, however the weather has been quite bad since we left Hobart so that estimate is likely to be a bit off. Looking forward to getting on the continent and on the air.

[JANUARY 28] Look for Allan, VK0AW to be active from Mawson Station, Antarctica. He recently departed Hobart, Tasmania is expected to arrive Davis around February 11th. After a few weeks (duty changeover etc), he aims to be QRV using simple wire antennas and a Barrett commercial transceiver (400w). 

Allan’s line of work is IT, and it should be noted he is a brand new radio amateur; please be patient with him in pileups. QSL via EB7DX who will handle LoTW, Club Log OQRS duties. Allan will be there for 12 months. 

Click picture for current webcam view at Mawson Station.