3Y0J is a team of 13 international amateur radio operators who, in January 6, 2023, will be sailing to, and operating from, Bouvet Island with the goal of making over 200K QSOs.

Bouvet Island is a small Norwegian inactive volcanic island, half the size of Manhattan, covered almost entirely by snow and ice. Because of its remoteness, it has rightfully gained the title of: The Most Remote Uninhabited Island on Earth. Bouvet Island is listed in the Club Log DXCC at position #2, making it, for the ham radio world, the equivalent of the Mount Everest of the DXCC entities.

The DXpedition will start its journey in the Falkland Islands, and the team anticipates sailing for 12 days through the treacherous waters of the South Atlantic Ocean before setting up camp, and operating from, Bouvet Island for 22 days. At the conclusion of our DXpedition, the team will then sail another 12 days to the end point of the DXpedition: Cape Town, South Africa.