This activation has been registered with LoTW, IOTA, and Club Log under the callsign V7/KD7ADI to maximize opportunities for those seeking credit for their QSO with the Marshall Islands.  I normally load all traffic within the week, but my day job does take precedence.  

FEBRUARY 6, 2022 

Jeff (JT), KD7ADI has been active sporadically since the start of February. He’s based in Kwajalein, Marshall islands and posted the following on recently:

As of 05 January 2022, work has gotten back to where I can get on the air a little now, but I am not at home right now… smiley For the foreseeable future, I will be working from grid RJ38ur. Yes, we are in the Marshall Islands! If you need a link to that page and log, please click here: V7/KD7ADI