NEWS UPDATE — V6J made 3500 QSOs as of last night. Since V6J has been making the focus on NA, the QSO ratio has been changed to a little bit.

JA 40%
EU 35%
NA 25%

The generator went down this morning. However, V6J members had a good success to fix the problem. This is the reason why V6J signal has been heard for a few hours this morning. The generator is working without any problems now.Everyone has really been connected with this news.

One of the linear amplifiers that V6J has been using went down this morning to fierce heat. It Is an Elecraft KPA500. V6J has no choice but to keep using this home made amplifier anyhow.

V6J members, such as water, food, etc. So V6J will QRT between 2 GMT and 5GMT today. Please do not expect any signals during this period.

V6J started off SSB operation yesterday on 20m. But it seems that there had been confusion because of the simplex operation. I asked V6J operators this morning that they do not simplex operation anymore. So V6J will operate SSB with split from now on.

As for the 30m operation, V6J will use only FT8 mode.