By Craig, VK5CE

  • OC-230 Rowley Shoals VK5CE/9
I have secured a boat for the trip and am just waiting to hear from the government authorities to see if permission will be granted. This DXpedition is not planned until November so its still a long way off.
  • OC-196 Gabo Island VK5CE/3
QSL cards have been posted this past weekend and people should receive them soon. Special thanks to Tony W4FOA for his help.
This DXpedition occurs this weekend and full details of where I’ll be on the bands are on the website. Operation will be 0600 UTC Saturday to 2300 UTC Sunday.
Originally when I had discussions with the Commonwealth Government I was to be on the island for 24 hours per day. When I recently spoke to authorities they unfortunately had to revert back to me only being able to operate during daylight of 8am (0000 UTC) to 5pm (0900 UTC). Since then I’ve been able to negotiate operating hours of dawn to dusk which will be 5am (2100 UTC) to 6pm (1000 UTC) and have written permission now. I recently spoke on the phone and they discussed how there could be a chance later in the year to get permission for a longer stay due to possible changes in legislation which will allow 24 hours instead of dawn to dusk – so fingers crossed. In the 2100 UTC to 0000 UTC and 0700 to 1000 UTC period I will be only working Europe and North America (no Asia/Oceania) to ensure I make the most of these shorter openings. I will use OC-198 VK5CE/8 DXpedition  as a practice run to use the same bands and times of day to operate on the OC-198 DXpedition to see what conditions will be like a couple of weeks later for OC-216. So I understand some people may prefer to wait to see if they can get in the log and then send in sponsorship with their QSL request. Rather than overreacting and thinking you cant get in the log, I recommend you visit the website for propagation forecasts. I’ve just paid a 20% deposit to the boat captain for the vessel.
One third of the trip has now been paid for. Everything is going to plan and this is the DXpedition where sponsorship is wanted the most at present as it’s the first of the big DXpeditions of the year.