Following info, posted on the IOTA chasers forum by Vincent F4BKV, currently in Hong Kong, VR2.

“I will shortly be active for the last time in 2013 from three Asia and Oceania IOTA’s. (AS-019 from 9V, OC-088 from V8 and OC-133 from 9M6). Nothing really rare and don’t expect a full time activity as radio is not the main purpose of this trip. The first two will be limited to few hours only (AS-019 on Saturday 14 Dec. and OC-088 on 17/18 Dec.). The OC-133 will be active ‘holiday style’ during 3 full days, the 20, 21 and 22 December from Labuan Island).

Also a short info regarding the Direct QSL requests for the HP0INT Panama IOTA tour. I already sent about 50% of the letters today, the remaining half will be send on December 23rd, Most letters will be originating from VR2, except for the ones that put a French stamp in their Direct request, they will have to wait early January to get it posted. We hope all Direct QSL will reach you in time for the January IOTA update.”