In recent days, boundaries have been crossed that are totally unacceptable. The DX cluster was used for purposes for which it was not developed at all. Some people have taken serious abuse by using fake callsigns to express their displeasure or make unacceptable comments.

Hamspirit has completely lost its way with this and, moreover, those involved get away with it.

It can’t be an impossible task for the developers that you can only use the cluster after registration. This would lead to:

  • Access to the cluster only after registration.
  • Log in with a password and 2FA.
  • You can only place spots if you are logged in.
  • Spots happen automatically with your registered nickname.

Anyone who takes the hobby seriously can’t object to this, can they? Let’s share this message en masse so that the developers and the radio community understand that this cannot continue. The past few days are a lesson for the future…we can tackle and solve this problem together!

Never let this happen again in the future!