By Vlad UY5ZZ, President of Ukrainian Contest Club

A few words from Ukrainian operators. We were always on the side of ham-spirit, friendship and equality. These are the key points of any modern society. But these days our country is faced with unbelievable aggression from Russia. This is not a politic. This is a crime. A terrible crime. The things that happen there can’t be described with just words..

We wish to thank a lot of hams all over the world for their kindness and support. However, we see a lot of evidence that the majority of the Russian amateur community shows active support for this aggression. We understand that most of them are just “infected” due to the incredible amount of lies and propaganda. But a contagious person must be quarantined. Isn’t that right?

Therefore we support the decision to limit the participation of Russian hams in the upcoming contests. Moreover, despite some of us already losing our homes, stations, and even lives, we wish to take care of 4 plaques rejected by the Bavarian Contest Club. We will sponsor four plaques for the Rookie and Youth category overlays.