After the contest we relaxed with SSB and FT and introduced amateur radio for potential local hams. The station was closed on Tuesday at noon. All QSOs except the contest are now uploaded to Club Log and LotW. Contest QSOs will follow after log submission deadline, and OQRS will be activated for paper card orders.

Credit: TY5AF team

Credit: TY5AF team


[AUGUST 31] TY5AF will be on the air between November 22-29, 2022 by Finnish trio Tapani OH5BM, Pekka OH2TA and Timo OH5LLR. They will set up the radio station in the premises of the Finnish cultural center Villa Karo, in Grand Popo village on the Atlantic coast of Benin.

TY5AF will be active on all HF bands and modes except the last weekend of November, when they will focus on CW to join the CQWW Contest as a multi-operator team. In addition to radio operations, the team will study possibilities to establish local amateur radio activities in Benin together with Villa Karo organisation.