[NEWS UPDATE] – Recently uploaded to You Tube, here’s a video showing the story of TY0RU. Scroll down the page to refresh your memory of this DXpedition.

[OCTOBER 30] – TY0RU is now QRT. Antennas and all positions dismantled. 124,000 QSOs made. Now the team move to Togo, where RA1ZZ and R5EC are already QRV from there.

[OCTOBER 26] As the TY0RU DXpedition draws to a close (next stop 5V7RU), very high winds badly damaged various antennas at their QTH. Low band antennas included. See pictures:

[OCTOBER 24] Today, the bar of 100,000 QSOs was overcome, an intermediate goal was reached. On this occasion, work on the air was suspended for a short time and the entire team for the first time during the expedition gathered at the table to symbolically mark this event. We also congratulated Ilya R5AF on his baptism of fire. Unfortunately, tomorrow morning he will leave us and return to Moscow.

The on-air mode switches to light mode, but the expedition does not end there. The main task is to solve the issue of low frequency reception and in recent days to focus on work on these bands.

RW8A and R9LR also returned from Togo tonight. As a result of their trip, a suitable QTH was found for the second stage of the 5V7RU expedition and more than 100 QSOs were made via the QO-100 satellite.

Credit: R7AL

OCTOBER 22 – In the morning RW8A and R9LR will head to Togo to find a suitable QTH and make sure there is no local interference. Also, Vladimir R9LR plans to be active via the QO-100 satellite with the expedition callsign 5V7RU, since he will not be able to be present during the main activation and will have to return home on October 25.

[OCTOBER 19] – Exclusive pictures – on the scene with TY0RU ! 

[OCTOBER 19] –  Almost all antennas have been installed and the team has switched to round-the-clock operation on the air according to the schedule. During the day there are short power outages. Constantly working 2 main CW/SSB positions and 5 digital positions (24/7). Yesterday the milestone of 50000 QSOs was overcome and the 6m band was successfully activated and the first QSOs were made via the QO-100 satellite. There is one non-activated band left, 60m. Tomorrow we plan to start work on this band as well. The team would like to thank everyone who provided financial and material support.

[OCTOBER 18] 6m yagi at TY0RU now up and running. 

[OCTOBER 17] – As the team continue to complete setting up all antennas and stations, here’s a few pics of the activity from co-leader RA1ZZ, who also reports HF conditions are very good. 


[OCTOBER 14] – TY0RU now up and running on 40, 20 & 10m so far. Here’s a recording of their signals on 28CW by Gert PA2LO:

[OCTOBER 13] – Main group of TY0RU ops at airport ready for the long journey to Benin.

Meanwhile, initial set-up and QRV by two advanced ops begins:


OCTOBER 12 [2] – Following on from earlier update, both ops now arrived in Benin and heading to the QTH in a small!

OCTOBER 12 [1] – RA1ZZ & RW8A (OK8AU) arrived at Addis Ababa airport early this morning (local time), and are now waiting for the flight to Benin:


[OCTOBER 10]  The TY0RU team is ready for trip. More than 600 kg of equipment is ready at the base in Moscow.  Two team members (RW8A and RA1ZZ) will be in Benin as early as October 12 to check the QTH for local QRM, expect signals then.  Included in baggage:

  • 7 stations (transceivers, interfaces, laptops, amplifiers).
  • 23 antennas.
  • more than 1 km of 50 Ohm coaxial cable.
  • more than 1 km of rope for guying masts.
  • approximately 1 km of untwisted cable for beverages.
  • more than 2 km of untwisted twisted wire for radials.

[AUGUST 25] The Russian DXpedition Team who gave you A25RU, 7Q5RU, 7Q7RU, 7P8RU, E44RU and others plan activity from Benin as TY0RU during October 10-25. 

  • 11 October 2022 – Two Team members fly out to check QTH for interference.
  • 13 October 2022 – Expedition start. The main part of the Team gathers in Moscow and flies to Benin.
  • 14 – 26 October 2022 – Installation of working positions, start of work on the air.
  • 27 October 2022 – QRT, folding positions, preparing for the departure of the team home.