NEWS UPDATE – TX7G DXpedition goes QRT on Sunday, October 16th – keep an eye on any updates here. See latest below:

The disruption of time no longer spares any corner of the planet. Here normally the rainy season is from December to June, not a drop of water fell during the period, 7 months without rain, all the vegetation is in water stress, coconut trees are dying from lack of water. Since July, it has been raining sporadically with enormous torrential rains which are causing damage on an island used to very long, uninterrupted but moderate rains…

Otherwise, the radio, for those who follow me, is absolutely fantastic, huge pile ups, QSOs with French people in QRP 5W, very many EUs with 100W and simple dipoles or small verticals, a real treat… This opens from 60m to 10m. On 60m I made about forty QSOs with Europe including France, we have on both sides 15W and bits of wire… Here first a doublet tinkered on site, then an inclined vertical hooked in a tree and 2 radians high, good on this band the signals do not exceed 559 and are often 539. On 10m I had Fr reports of 59+20dB in SSB.

I had a lot of fun contacting the friends of 71, but it must not be easy for you because there are thousands of calls…
For those who wish to contact me, listen carefully to the shape of the pile up, always call above by shifting your frequency above the enormous interference caused by the pile up at the start of the split. In CW shift above 1 to 1.5 kHz in SSB to 3 kHz min.

DX’HF traffic is rarely the result of chance, it is an operator technique that allows the pleasure of good listening and good performing QSO.

Regarding the antenna tests that will serve as a basis for building the future 2023 antenna system (DX’P here even with 10 operators), I did the job. I have optimized the locations of the high band ANTs (from 20 to 10m) Spiderbeam, LPDA, and future Quad, as well as the different possible locations for the low band ANTs from 160 to 30m. With that I leave you, my 73 QRO, and looking forward to seeing you on the air. TX7G goes QRT Sunday at midnight for you.

OCTOBER 5 – Strong signals today (19z) on 10m SSB working NA. Listen below. 

OCTOBER 5 – TX7G (2022) logs are being uploaded here. Pictures courtesy F6BCW.

[PREVIOUSLY] Didier, F6BCW will be active from the Marquesas Islands, OC-027 as TX7G during October 1-15, 2022. QTH: Atuona, Hiva Oa. QRV on 80-10m, CW, SSB and possibly FT8 & RTTY. QSL via F6BCW – more here or here.