NEWS UPDATE – The HUAHINE expedition, OC-067 ended on July 17th. We have done everything possible to listen to as many people as possible and make as many contacts as possible with a very bad wave propagation. From July 5, an amplifier went QRT and we had to trade with a single station until July 17 in the morning. We realized just over 8500 QSOs.

Information: TX5EG has no sponsors, 100% of the financial expenses are borne by the participants, all the radio equipment is personal, the antennas have been specially manufactured and developed by the participants.

We thank the CDXC for the loan of the bands filters, and FO5QS Patrick of Huahine for his help. We thank the guesthouse “Ariitere” of Huahine for its hospitality and for the rental of the house on the edge of the flat to the north of the island. This house has become a very good radio shack with over 5000sqm of antenna field directly at the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

QRX from July 29th to August 06th for a new expedition to Hiva Oa, Marquesas Islands, OC-027.

For TX5EG Didier (F6BCW)