DX-World received the following important info from Cezar, VE3LYC with regards the upcoming TX4A and VK6ISL IOTA DXpeditions:

Within less than a couple of weeks, TX4A (OC-218) is expected to hit the bands, followed a little more than a week later by VK6ISL (OC-294). We would like to thank once again the groups and individual chasers who provided us with their invaluable financial support. At this time we would like to remind all chasers that:

(a) These are two independent projects, and separate OQRS services have been established for them with ClubLog. Similarly, direct QSL requests by mail should be sent separately for each operation. Please check expedition websites for details.

(b) Please refrain to post any requests for frequency and/or mode change on the DX Cluster or forum sites. If you have any suggestions or requests, email them to the pilot stations indicated on the expedition websites.

(c) We kindly request that you limit the number of your QSOs in order to allow more stations the opportunity to log each of these rare island groups.

(d) Please respect our directional calls and calls for “new stations”, meant for those who didn’t yet log us.

(e) Any questions regarding log data should be sent to Cezar (VE3LYC) after the end of the two projects.

(f) Our teams continue to look for your support. Any donation received will go toward off-setting some of the costs incurred by the team members associated with that project. Thank you!

Time schedule:

Aug 27: Bob (KD1CT) and Cezar (VE3LYC) depart from home, flying separately to Sydney and then together to Noumea.

Aug 29: They are expected to arrive in Noumea before 4 pm, where Patrice (FK8HA) will be waiting for them at the airport.

Aug 29 – 31: Final preparations for TX4A.

Sep 1: Sailing to Matthew Is.

Sep 4: Expected arrival, landing on the island, and beginning of the TX4A operation. The team will not use an amplifier.

Sep 7: End of TX4A operation, departing Matthew.

Sep 9: Return to Noumea.

Sep 11: Johan (PA3EXX) leaves home and flies to Broome, Western Australia. Bob and Cezar fly to Sydney and from there to Perth, where they overnight.

Sep 12: Bob and Cezar arrive in Broome in the morning, where they meet with Craig (VK5CE), waiting for Johan to arrive in the afternoon.

Sep 12 – 14: Final preparations for VK6ISL.

Sep 14: Sailing to Sandy Islet.

Sep 16: Expected arrival, landing on the sandbank, and beginning of the VK6ISL operation. We will try to have a station on the air before midnight UTC on Sep 15. The team will attempt to keep two stations on the air, and will use one amplifier.

Sep 20: End of VK6ISL operation by the evening UTC of Sep 19 and depart Sandy Islet.

Sep 21: Return to Broome. Bob and Cezar fly back home.

Sep 22: Johan flies back home, Bob and Cezar arrive at home.

Sep 23: Craig flies back and arrives at home, while Johan arrives home too.

We look forward to log you all soon!

Teams “Matthew” and “Sandy”