Cezar, VE3LYC updates readers with info and a request for support.


“I spent a wonderful time at the IOTA Convention in Windsor, London last weekend where, like many others, I had the chance to meet with so many old friends, and make new ones, too. I would like to thank everyone for their contribution to making this a great event. During some of my discussions with interested island chasers, I noticed a little bit of a confusion regarding upcoming operations from OC-218 and OC-294, which I would like to clarify:

(1) The Matthew Isl project, OC-218 (TX4A), was NOT abandoned in favour of the Sandy Islet, OC-294 (VK6ISL) project. These are two independent projects, carried out by two teams, and both of them are going ahead as indicated on their respective websites: http://tx4a.yolasite.com and http://vk6isl.weebly.com.

(2) We are not sailing all the way from OC-218 to OC-294! The distance between the two islands is approximately 6,000 km, and at a speed of 10 km/h or so it could take us two months to do it. Instead, after the trip to Matthew Is. (TX4A), Bob (KD1CT) and I will return to Noumea, from where we will fly to Brisbane, then Perth, and finally Broome, where we will join Craig (VK5CE) and Johan (PA3EXX) before departing to Sandy Islet (VK6ISL).

On behalf of the above teams, I would like to express my thanks, once again, to the groups and individuals who have graciously submitted their support to help us defray some of the costs. We would like to share with the community that the cost of these projects is $20k and $48k, respectively. The fees of the boat transportation alone are about $11k and $33k, respectively. Given these very high budgets, we hope that more island chasers will consider the possibility of helping us out. Donations can be sent by paypal to ve3lyc@hotmail.com, specifying the project they are for, or using the appropriate links on the two websites indicated above. Thank you in advance!”

Note: DX-World.net has pledged to support both these IOTA DXpeditions with a grant of $400.00 total.