UPDATE – The boat arrived in Noumea on Friday afternoon, Arnie N6HC rode the boat till the bitter end. The skipper reported the ride was a rough one. Arnie looked fine, with a big smile on his face, happy to have had the total sailing experience..

The logs are uploaded and OQRS is operational at TX3X.com

We appreciate the kind words we’re receiving in e-mails and on the forums. The donations coming in through OQRS and via the Donate button at TX3X.com will help offset the project cost. We know several areas are having trouble getting to the website, the domain registrar is investigating the issue.

The incorrectly logged PSK31 contacts were corrected. We are receiving your e-mails regarding busted calls and Not in Log situations, they will each be investigated when we have stable and fast Internet connections, this process will take time. Please do NOT send multiple e-mails for the same problem or write a long explanation of the problem, just include the specifics of the contact(s) in question.

On the first day we had a significant web site outage caused by our web hosting supplier, you all saw the effects. With the help of John Miller K6MM the web hosting supplier restored our service.

Over the next 48 hours the team members will begin their long journey home. The boat will return to Auckland, New Zealand where we will offload the equipment and arrange for its return to the USA.

A top priority of the DX-pedition organizers is to get everyone home safely and in good health. Other than a few scrapes and bruises (and some motion sickness) we’re happy to report we met that goal.

Thanks to the DX community for your understanding, we were happy to provide all the new ones and band fills.

Team Chesterfield Islands DX-pedition


September 26 The team will board the boat at 10:30AM, Monday Sept 28th. The skipper plans to be at Customs and Immigration earlier in the morning to clear the boat for sailing. Barring any delays we will leave as soon as possible. Being the first workday after a 4 day holiday we are hoping the formalities can be processed quickly and we’ll be underway.

Please use the Pilot for your geography (tx3x.com) to send comments to the team.

Good luck to all that need Chesterfield, we’ll see you in the pile-ups.

Team Chesterfield Islands DX-pedition


September 18, 2015 – The Expedition Yacht Evohe sailed for Noumea, New Caledonia on Thursday afternoon (New Zealand time). Expected sailing duration 6 – 7 days. Aboard the boat is a crew of 5 and one amateur, Pista HA5AO. She’s following the New Zealand northeast coast and will soon be on a course to Noumea. The remainder of the radio team will assemble in Noumea between 25 – 26 September, with a planned departure date to Chesterfield on 28 September.

We appreciate the support we’ve received from around the world, and especially from the New Zealand firms and individuals that assisted with the project and provided invaluable support.

Team Chesterfield Islands 2015