NEWS UPDATE – Yesterday, local radio amateurs tried working HF bands under the supervision of the TU5PCT team. They explained about pile-ups, SSB basics (split, UP5 , UP10 etc). It was a new experience for them, and they hope to hear them on the bands one day. Video credit Petr Spacil of Czech DX Team.

FEBRUARY 10 – Thanks to the partnership with the Foundation for Global Children and Zorro JH1AJT, we could again donate gifts – this time to the Azuretti local school. We approached Zorro before arriving at the Cote d’Ivoire with the idea of presenting gifts to a local school. He was so kind to support this idea. Our friend at TU, Mathurin TU5JZ, made arrangements in the school. We got a list of items which they need to improve their operation. Gifts were purchased and we could visit the school. All the children and the school management were thrilled to receive the gifts. The children were vibrant, and it was not easy to take photos, but they were natural, and it was very nice. We are happy to cooperate with the Foundation for Global Children to make children in need have an easier life. We have done a good deed and can help them.

FEBRUARY 7 – Pictures courtesy Czech DX Team. Online log is here 

FEBRUARY 6 – Lost item recovered, plus some info below about logging issue. Video by OK5Z:

FEBRUARY 5 – Team arrived to Ivory Coast. One item of luggage missing. However, as per photos, they are beginning to set up (thanks OK6DJ for pics). 

Dates:  Arrival: February 4th, Departure: February 13th

On air approx: limited/building up February 5th, 6th, full operation planned from 7th till 12th , dismantling on February 13th

Call sign:  TU5PCT

Operators: Petr OK1BOA, Petr OK1FCJ, David OK6DJ.

Operation modes:  SSB, CW, RTTY, FT8

160 tbd/if QTH allows
80 60 40 30 verticals
20/17/15/12/10 2 x Spiderbeam
DX commander
RX log

Trcvr PA:
K3,TS480, SUNSDR2DX, SUNSDR2QRP , 2 x PA JUMA, 1 x PA Expert, PA 300W out

QRG band plan: