With collaboration of the Tunisian Radio Amateurs and the Engineering University of Gabes, a DXpedition to Djerba island AF-083 will occur between April 29 to May 6, 2013.

Callsign of TS8TI has been issued and the team consisting of the following ops will be QRV on all HF bands/modes.

IK7JWX (team leader) – IK2DUW (Qsl manager) – IW2NLC (YL) – IS0AGY – IK8TEM – I8LWL – IK8GQY Titti (YL) – KF5EYY – 3V8SA – 3V8ST – 3V8ESG – 3V8SF.

The team are still looking for operators, sponsors and individual contributions.

[tnx IK7JWX]