Dear fellow True Blue DXers,

When I initially thought about the True Blue DXers Club, last July, I was dreaming to have perhaps 500 members by the end of the year. Three and a half months later we stand at over 750, and new members sign up every day. This is both an indication that I had had a good idea and, especially, that the time was ripe for such an initiative.

Now, we can bask in the modest glory of our growing numbers. Or, we can look ahead and find ways to make ourselves meaningful. Let’s remember that our overall aim is to promote human-to-human DX communication using CW and SSB. Less officially, between ourselves, shall we say that we want to do all we can to keep the CW and phone sub-bands alive, so that we and others can continue enjoying our passion?

One of the ways we have to do that is to launch our own awards programme. This is no easy thing to do, mainly because there is an award for absolutely everything these days.

Still, we managed to come up with four ideas which reflect the specificity of the Club, promote DX excellence using traditional means and recognises the activity of those striving to keep up the activity on HF bands.

Here are the basic concepts:

    • Worked All True Blue. QSO with 10% of the current membership, as announced by the website. At the moment of writing, for instance, the membership stands at 756, so contacts with 75 different members would be required. An online members database is currently being worked on, and search facility should be available in all major log programs.
    • CW DX Excellence and SSB DX Excellence. QSO with 200 DXCC countries in a calendar year (365 days between first and last QSO).
    • MILLION MILES Award. Recognises efforts at increasing everyday CW and phone activity. Exchange WW Locators, work out the distance between stations and tally up one million miles during one calendar year but only during weekdays (in order to exclude contest QSO).
    • DX ULTIMATE Award. Like the ARRL Grid Square challenge, but open-end, that is no time limits, and CW/SSB only (mixed mode, no digital). Basic award at 500 Grid Squares confirmed, Honor Roll at 1,000. Honor Roll list published and regularly updated on the website, with current totals.

In order to finalise the proposals and to roll out the awards programme, we are looking for an Award Manager. Tony, IZ2ESV, who had initially volunteered, remains fully engaged with the Club, but owing to other commitments, cannot fulfill the role now.

The ideal candidate has 3/4 hours of time per week to dedicate to this activity and excellent written English communications skills. He or she must be highly organised and capable of working in autonomy. He or she will maintain regular contact with myself and Petr OK1RP, the Club President.

If you are interested, please drop a mail to [email protected] with a few of paragraphs about yourself, your ham radio activity and why you think you are the right candidate.

This is obviously a volunteer position, therefore non-remunerated. The selection process is completely informal – basically Petr and myself looking at any candidate we may have, perhaps have a Skype chat with a couple, and then make a decision.

We hope to hear from at least some of you!

Meanwhile, thank you for your continued support.

73 Pete MM0TWX
TBDXC Founder and COO