Since today’s DX-World QSL of the Day is very rare, we thought a good idea to share what the provider (Joseph 4X6FU) also sent us. We’re sure it resonates with others:

I am sending you a picture of one of the many interesting QSL cards my father collected during his many years as an avid DX-er. My beloved father (4X4FU) passed away 24 years ago; he was the one who taught me ham radio and the passion for DXing. I remember as a teenager, in the early days of my ham radio hobby, how much he was happy he made a QSO with Bouvet Island after listening on the bands every day until he found them (no DX clusters in those days..). A few years ago and many years after his death, while surfing the web, I came across a site of a Japanese ham, that told the story of this Bouvet activity. The Japanese ham said he was so lucky to be one of the few 26 hams who made a QSO with that station! I didn’t know until then that my father was among such a small group of “chosen” ones. Tears came to my eyes..I miss him a lot.