[NEWS UPDATE] – Preparation of equipment for TO8FH expedition ended this weekend at Radio Club de Provins F6KOP (France). Computers are up to date (thanks F1ULQ and F4DLM), bags and suitcases were completed, closed, and weighed one last time (thanks F4AJQ and F8GGV). All that remains is to prepare the list of equipment for each piece of luggage intended for Customs. Click on pictures to see visit TO8FH website.

[AUGUST 23] – There are other expeditions at the same time as TO8FH in October. To establish their band plan, the team took care of this already and has now published (like W8S and T2C) frequencies and recommendations – see here for more. 

TO8FH Bandplan

[AUGUST 19] – Equipment preparation for the TO8FH DXpedition has begun at Radio Club de Provins F6KOP (France). It’s not all ready yet, but it’s moving forward. Thanks to F6KOP members who worked already in these preparations, especially F4AJQ, F5PBM, F4JCT, F4IEL, F5GSJ, F5GVA.

Credit: F6KOP / TO8FH

[AUGUST 16] – To benefit from a fast LoTW confirmation it has become more and more common to have to pay or, otherwise, to wait 6 months to a year (or even more). F6KOP does not support this practice. TO8FH log will be on LoTW as soon as the team return from their expedition (subject to a short delay for the usual corrections). LoTW will therefore be free and immediate for everyone.

If you want to help TO8FH, everyone is free to make a donation (without any obligation). Donors via Club log of an amount equal or greater than 6 euros will automatically benefit of free OQRS request for their direct QSL. You can also help via PayPal without asking for the QSL and you will thus appear on the list of donors on our website.

[AUGUST 13] – Having had to cancel their planned DXpedition to 5U-Niger due to ongoing risks in the country, team F6KOP announce a new destination:

As you can imagine, it is currently too risky to consider going to Niger (5U) anytime soon. In the meantime, the Radio club of Provins, F6KOP will go to Mayotte this year from October 10 to 22 with 12 operators. We will be active from 160 to 6m as well as on QO-100 under the callsign TO8FH. Official DXpedition website / Facebook page.