NOW QRT, JAN 31 – 

Antennas in use: Quad 2el 5 bands, LPDA 12el from 10 to 20m, 2 full size vertical antennas 40 and 80m. Impossible to install the Moxon 30m so we placed a dipole instead. Tomorrow, installation of the 160m antenna.

We have a lot of wind 45/55Kmh, it is very difficult to mount the antennas with such wind. The terrain is very uneven with heavy vegetation which hinders the mounting of the antennas. We have difficulties with FT8/FT4, interference, synchronization… We are doing everything to establish the digital modes.

Magnificent sun, daytime temperature 29°, night 23°. Thank you to all the friends who support and contact us.

[PREVIOUSLY] Regarding the radio equipment, everything is OK. Regarding the trip, everything is OK, there remains the hotel in Orly and the parking lot for the cars to be reserved. Taxis in Guadeloupe and “Les Saintes Island” are reserved. The flights and the 300kg of air and sea freight are also confirmed. All Operators received their 3rd dose of anti-covid vaccine + PCR tests before leaving.

Regarding the antennas:

The new LPDA of 12 copper wire el is completed. We have done a lot of QSOs westward with this antenna which is working very well. It will be installed at TO6S towards the North. Towards the east we will have the Quad 2 elements. A Moxon for the 30m and 10m is in the final phase of construction. The vertical low bands will be finalized next week.

Regarding Aid and Sponsors:

In France, Amateur Radio Clubs and Associations have responded well to our requests for financial assistance, thank you all. In Europe, out of 15 requests for assistance, only CDXC UK offers us financial assistance … A big thank you to him. Abroad, outside Europe, no help.

We will be particularly active on the low bands in order to allow DX’ers ​​80 and 160 to do DXCC « FG » and IOTA NA114 on these bands. F5LRL is piloting the Club Log update, please wait a few more days.

[OCTOBER 31] – TO6S website now available:

[OCTOBER 17] Members of Radio Club de Montceau Les Mines (F6KJS) plan activity from Terre de Haut, NA-114 – Guadeloupe as TO6S during January 20 to February 1, 2022. Full details and website to follow. QSL via EA5GL.