NEWS UPDATE — Our DXpedition is rapidly coming to a close. Today is our last full day on St. Barts. Late in the afternoon we are taking down most of our antennas, leaving just one or two for the night. We are flying out tomorrow morning — K1CC to the US via St. Martin, the rest of us back to Poland via Guadeloupe, at least we think so. The flight situation to Europe is very shaky, we are hearing that the commuter air flight to Guadeloupe from St. Martin is no longer flying as of last Friday. Who knows, we may end up in St. Barts longer than expected!

We have logged 62000 QSO’s with 8200 of those in CQWW CW. It has been a successful trip. We were lucky to at least get some excellent low band and 10m openings early on, but we are still working some good DX on the low bands at sunrise and sunset. And all day long we are running US and Europe on CW, SSB and RTTY.

It has been our pleasure to provide a new entity for you and to fill your band maps with FJ. See you next year from another interesting country!