NEWS UPDATE – Here’s a preview of the TO0Z QSL. 

SEPTEMBER 16 – Mega gallery! Pictures and videos by Marco, FS4WBS. The team have made approx 3000 QSOs and QRT tomorrow (17th). A reminder to QSL via IZ1MHY. Logsearch here. This DXpedition was sponsored by Zorro JH1AJT – in the video below you can see a QSO between both stations.




Claude, FS5GL

CW station

SSB station

Pelikan Key & Mollay Beday NA-247 in distance

SEPTEMBER 14 @ 21:45z – TO0Z now QRV. Logsearch here

SEPTEMBER 14 @ 11:45z Franck, FG4ST and Claude, FS5GL ready to board the boat to FJ. Photos taken by third team member Marco, FS4WBS. QRV from St Barths later today.  If you hear TO0Z and would like to make a recording for DX-World, please drop a message here.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2020 – Here’s TO0Z main sponsor, Zorro JH1AJT, wearing team t-shirt.

SEPTEMBER 9 – Marco, FS4WBS got in touch to say the team leaves for St Barths next Monday (14th) and hope to be active later that day as TO0Z. One of the antennas (SteppIR vertical, see below) was recently tested and will be ready to deploy quickly once there. Marco also mentions that fingers and toes are crossed none of the weather systems currently showing on the National Hurricane Center materialise and head their way.

AUGUST 1, 2020 – Initially planning to sign FJ/homecalls, Marco FS4WBS, Claude FS5GL and Franck FG4ST will now QRV as TO0Z from St Barths during September 14-17, 2020. Marco also informs DX-World their villa is booked and boat tickets purchased. They have updated their antenna plans and will use multiband dipoles and a CrankIR vertical. QSL via IZ1MHY.