[NEWS UPDATE @ 1120z] – TN8K expedition is now QRT. All antennas and equipment packed and team are going to the airport. In the log is almost 165,000 QSOs.

Credit: OK2ZI

[JANUARY 18] – Congratulations to team TN8K on making 150,000 QSOs. Check the stats here

Credit OK2ZI

[JANUARY 17] – As the team approach 140,000 QSO here’s an update via OK2ZI. 

What an exceptional evening it was yesterday. On 160m logged 286 QSOs with 41 JAs, bunch of USA and finally during the sunrise AH6HY from Hawaii. We also enjoy short 6m opening to Caribbean. Wkd FG, V2, PJ4 and J7.

This evening will be the last serious operation on 160m and 80m CW. Tomorrow will be 80m vertical returned for 80m SSB and beverages will be used for 80, 40 and 60m SSB traffic.

Credit OK2ZI

[JANUARY 15] – On the Czech DXpedition Facebook page, the team posted a video of operations. At 2000z, January 15th, they are approaching 120K QSOs. Live log here.

[JANUARY 14] – The team reached the milestone of 100K QSOs. A very slick operation for sure.

A reminder they are active until January 20th, and they have a blog page up and running. Click on the picture to visit it. 

[JANUARY 12 @ 0900z] – Karel OK2ZI reports that from 3am local time there was a big storm with a lot of rain. The generator is currently broken. Alternator v-belt broke. They are now waiting for a fix and QRX. – update @ 1110z: generator again working. 

Credit OK2ZI

[JANUARY 11] – JA beverage prolonged to 250m; 150m beverage to VK/ZL has been build. All antennas are up. First 6m QSOs in the log and FT8 on QO-100 as well. We are waiting for the dish – source. Meanwhile, 60K QSOs was achieved.

[JANUARY 10 @ 2100z] – Picture by Karl OK2ZI who says: “9 stations on the air at the same time. 7x human mode 2x FT8”.

[JANUARY 10 @ 1215z] The 60m quarter wave vertical antenna at TN8K is now ready. Activity on this band will start later today.

Credit: Karel Odehna

[JANUARY 9 @ 18:30z] – The last (and previously missing) suitcase has arrived in Congo. Now more coax cable and additional power supply. Team say the Beverages work well, but they have a lot of noise from lightning and thunderstorms.

Credit: Karel Odehnal

[JANUARY 8 @ 1830z] – Beverage to JA and USA ready. Team sometimes has problems with internet connection. 

[JANUARY 8 @ 0700z] – First beverage to EU is built. More than 300CW 160m QSOs in log. One suitcase is still missing. Check out various recordings here. Logs on Club Log. Picture gallery below courtesy of team member Petr Bohacek:

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JANUARY 7 – Earlier today (16z) the team went temporarily QRT due to a big thunderstorm in the area. Pictures below courtesy OK2ZI. Online log is here.

JANUARY 6 @ 1900z – Shortly before 1900z the first QSOs with TN8K were being made on 30, 20 & 17 CW. Listen to the early QSOs below: 


Credit: Petr Boháček

NEWS UPDATE @ 1500z – Team arrived at their QTH earlier today. Antenna assembly immediately commenced – 160m, 80m, 40m verticals and two Spiderbeams are ready before sunset. DX-World will update regularly on this DXpedition, but you can also get up to date info direct from the team – see here

Credit TN8K team

[SEPTEMBER 16, 2022] The CDXP group is organizing another DXpedition, this time to the Republic of Congo – callsign TN8K.

  • Dates: Arrival: January 6th, Departure: January 21th 2023
  • On air approx: limited/building up January 7-9; full operation planned from 10th till 19th, dismantling 19-20.
  • Operators: Petr OK1BOA, Petr OK1FCJ, Palo OK1CRM, Pavel OK1GK , Ruda OK2ZA, Ludek OK2ZC, Karel OK2ZI, David OK6DJ
  • Operation modes: SSB, CW, RTTY , FT8, FT4, PSK
  • Bands: 160-6m + QO-100
  • Based on the local internet availability, they plan to use Club Log Live Stream wherever it will be possible. Live Stream link here
  • Radios: Elecraft K3 2x , Kenwood TS480HX 3x , SunSDR2DX, 2x Icom 705 PA: JUMA PA1000 5x Antennas: 6m 4el. YAGI, 10-15-20 incl WARC 3 x Spiderbeam, 17/12m 2el. YAGI, 2x 30m phased verticals, 2x40m phased verticals, 80m vertical + 10 pcs radials, 160 vertical +10pcs radials RX: 3x Beverage + RX vertical Focus on low bands

More information here