September 13, 2016 — We’ve had a fantastic start. So far 13 DX clubs have decided to sponsor this fundraising, along with 44 individuals (15 NA individuals) the donation so far totalling $4400 in just 5 weeks. I know some clubs can’t donate because of their membership statutes – so I am particularly happy that 13 DX clubs acutally can donate!

TL is ranked 19 on CW worldwide and NA – its also ranked 15 on CW NA west coast. I will try to pay attention to this when operating. K6TU Stu have been so kind to do the propagation analysis. Have a look at his website or mine to check out the forecast. For those interested I also have a facebook group TL8AO where I share details, and if it works will be used during DXpedition.

Planning is going forward. Currently I am testing my sloping dipoles which will be fixed to NA/EU. I also try to get some more photos from the hotel to assess the antenna installation and avoid any surprises when arriving. Its good having some locals running around with their mobile camera. I will test my wire antennas in this weekends SAC CW test (80,40m) – hope to work you there!

September 2, 2016  — Currently 10 Clubs have donated along with some individuals totalling $3600 USD. Tony LZ1JZ is sponsoring TL8AO with QSL cards. Ken is also looking for someone to sponsor him with fresh coax which can be returned after DXpedition. Drop him a note if you can help.

August 7, 2016 — TL8AO is primarily a single op DXpedition to take place from Bangui, Central African Republic (C.A.R) in November 2016. QSO target is 15,000. I go to Bangui to do the DXpedition and achieve as many contacts as possible. But we all realize that TL is a very poor country – so why not try some fundraising for the people of C.A.R?

My budget is 7000 USD. I am not seeking donations to cover my own expenses, but try to do some fundraising for Doctors Without Borders in C.A.R who have been there since 1997 providing humanitarian aid to local residents.

My goal is to generate as much donations as possible where 100% of donations received will be given to DWOB. It is important to state that this DXpedition is not in co-operation with DWOB – they are solely the recipient of the donation.

They have acknowledged this fundraising, and use of their logo. Please check

  • 100% of  donations received by individuals or clubs/organizations will go directly to Doctors Without Borders in C.A.R
  • 100% of net income through OQRS and direct QSL will go to Doctors without border in C.A.R

ALL donations are voluntary – there is no expectation that you donate just because you made a QSO. LoTW will be uploaded on the same day I return to Norway no matter!

M0OXO is the QSL manager and will handle all QSLing, OQRS, direct and buro. Thanks!

INDEXA have already decided to contribute to this fundraiser, we all know they established a humanitarian fund founded by Zorro JH1AJT in 2015. I sincerely hope other clubs/organizations and individual want to contribute as well

More info is released on

Donations can be given by paypal to


TL – Central African Republic

Central African Republic is a very poor country. It ranks amongst the poorest in the world (UN development index) even before the civil war, with an average daily income of aprx. 1 US dollar. The population is about 4,5 mill. Central African Republic has been through an ongoing civil war since 2013, one of the worlds worst humanitarian crisis – in the same order as Iraq and Syria. As many as 20% of the population beeing displaced internally. or having fled to neighboring countries and living as refugees. A democratic and peaceful election supervised by UN was held in March 2016. The ongoing transaction process is supported by UN who still have aprx 11.000 armed forces in the country. The process gives us hope for peace in the future but the situation is still tense and fragile.