NEWS UPDATE – TL8AO is QRT. Ken made 14200 QSOs. The complete log has been uploaded to LoTW. Soon on Club Log. M0OXO handles all QSL. Ken says he was challenged by poor conditions and some thunderstorms, except for that he had a great vacation.

Please also note that ALL donations are going DIRECTLY to Doctors Without Borders in C.A.R. So far about 8500 USD including donations and HF equipment.

NOVEMBER 21 @ 0700z — Ken reports today is his last day. He will go QRT tomorrow 22nd Nov at 0900z. Tonight he will probably be on 40m around 2130-22z after working US on 20m. Because of noise level it is difficult to be on 40m earlier. There was a slim TL8AO operating yesterday. Beware. Logsearch

NOVEMBER 16 @ 17:15z — Ken updates that currently another thunderstorm hit Bangui and he had to go QRT. He hopes the beam will survive again as it’s quite exposed on the roof. The plan tonight is to be firstly on 17m and then on 20m until 2300 utc and work US west coast before he switches to 40m as that band is really good. As the night shift comes to an end he will try 80m maybe around 0130-0200 UTC to NA. All depending on thunder storm activity. The K3 RX is performing very well, the band at night is so quiet and he copies weak stations without problems. Ken also tunes around and searches for weaker stations. The 40m dipole is facing NA.

NOVEMBER 14 @ 13:45z — Ken updates that the 80m dipole is up about 4m above roof so about 22m in total. He will try 80m at 22:00 utc tonight. All is well at his QTH except it’s a pain getting access to roof – he has to call security every time. He will try to put up a 17m dipole as well but no hurry yet.

NOVEMBER 12 @ 13:00z – Ken reports the 2 el tribander beam is up this morning – about 25 meter up. He plans to set up 17m and 80m dipoles on Monday. Propagation is excellent… Last night he was working NA, EU,J A and SA on 40m at the same time.


Ken TL8AO (credit LA7GIA)

August 1, 2016: Dates of activity confirmed from November 10-22, 2016. QTH: Bangui. Furthermore, donations/profit from OQRS/QSLs will go to DWOB (Doctor Without Borders) Charity.



July 22, 2016 — Ken, LA7GIA informs DX-World of plans to be active from C.A.R

I have obtained authorization to operate as TL8AO in the Central African Republic. So I plan to go to Bangui as a single-op in 2016 and mainly do some CW. TL is ranked 50 WW mixed and 20 on cw. This will be similar to my 7Q, D6 and 3C activities – except this time I will be on 80m as well. More details later.