NEWS UPDATE –  Here’s the TL7M QSL preview (courtesy LA7GIA)

Going QRT at 09:00z, November 15th

Log has been taken off Club Log. Complete log to be uploaded when I am home. That will include missing FT8 Qs. Don’t send me emails about log checking now, this is just waste of bandwidth – all emails will remain unanswered until the full log is available at M0OXO website. Update will include both TL7M and TL8AO SSB contacts.

STOP PRESS ! QRV again ! (November 12)

African dipoles are up again on 20/17 today and 40/30 tomorrow after 5 tourists were denied boarding the Air France flight to Paris due to new unknown PCR requirements as we would have to disembark in TJ. Even people from Ministry denied boarding. Next flight is Monday 15th as originally scheduled. This causes a lot of trouble for me personally as I was going home for tendering on a huge contract. TL7M will continue until Monday in a limited capacity. After 12 days and 24500 QSOs, I am a bit exhausted.


TL7M and TL8AO is QRT. Please wait for complete log upload and activation of OQRS before you paypal! Some FT8 QSOs are missing but total Qs number ended well above 24,000.


Yesterday, Ken promised a surprise! That turned out to be some activity on SSB (all of the TL7M DXpedition had been on CW or FT8 thus far). However, he was operational as TL8AO, his callsign from a 2016 trip to C.A.R. Here’s a recording courtesy IZ5CML.


Ken in jovial mood !


TL7M now hit 23,000 QSOs! One operator. 12,000 CW Qs and 11,000 FT8. All FT8 is with 12W to 80W, mostly 12 to 40W. 160m tonight – maybe 60m tomorrow – but no promises. No more 80m. TL7M will QRT Friday 12th at 08:00 UTC. Look for a surprise tomorrow!


In the picture (provided by Ken) is a 160m inverted L and 80m vertical wire sloping down from hotel roof (20m height, 20 radials x 20m) plus 2 el yagi on rooftop.

TL7M hit 20,000 Qs in less than 9 days, and almost 50/50 CW vs FT8. 300 Qs on topband, look for 160m tonight as well. Imagine 3 weeks at Bouvet 3Y0J!


Ken says TL7M will be cut short by 3 days; going QRT on Friday 12th due to job related issues. This evening (local time, Monday) he will be on top band; 1812.5 listening up. 


160m RX antenna now installed. A lot of power outages, 8-10 every day, and voltage dips – but Ken’s equipment still ok. Heavy thunderstorms every day causes instant QRT. Roughly 17500 QSO; half way into DXped. SO2R is ok with 50% CW and 50% FT8. Can TL7M make 30000 QSOs? 

Credit Ken, LA7GIA. 


80m antenna is up, tuned at 3520 kHz. Today 10m CW to NA was destroyed because of 30 EU stations calling out of turn. NA signals so much weaker, there is a reason why we call NA only! No mercy if you call out of turn! Remember 6O7O.


TL7M 11000 Qs – quite fun combining CW and FT8. This SO2R combination is bullet proof. Last night I worked 160m, local noise here on 160m S0!! Yes S0″.

Pictures as usual courtesy Ken. 

S0 noise level.


License inspection and control of antenna farm. Despite written permit to setup antennas, hotel has decided I have to take down the spiderpole tomorrow (60m). They want all antennas invisible, and wanted me to move to another room. After some negotiating and meetings, they understood that due to the important competition we all participate in I had not time to remove the Mosley yagi, so God bless I could keep it up 25m. All African dipoles are ok. A lot of thunderstorm here so frequent QRX and stop TX.

OCTOBER 31 – Ken is running CW + FT8 in parallel using one computer. FT8 is low power 40W. There’s some station interference. Plan is to assemble the 60/80m vertical tomorrow. Noise is S0 on all bands 40-10m, say Ken.

OCTOBER 30 – Ken started new activity from Bangui, Central African Republic as TL7M. Picture below courtesy Ken. A reminder he is there for the next 2 weeks. In 2016, he was active as TL8AO and that info can be found here.

OCTOBER 29 – Ken, LA7GIA recently put a tweet out with the following info:

All gear checked-in 102 kg, 1500W Mosley yagi, verticals, African dipoles, RX antenna, 2 radios, SO2R?, amplifier, special permit to transmit on 60m. All band almost all modes. QRV tomorrow evening. 15 days solo DXped. Hot or cold place? Destination to be announced by RBN.

We’ll be sure to update once Ken is QRV.