REMINDER – Tony IZ2ESV, Andrea IZ2LSC, Ivano I2RFJ, Bruno IW3HXR, Claudio IK3HAR and Alberto IV3BSY will gather under the “NOLOGO Independent DXers” flag for their springbreak expedition to Corsica, between 30th April and 4th May.

The callsign will be TK1R and they will operate from east coast Corsica with emphasis on digimodes and WARC bands.

They plan to be on the air with at least three stations, with attention to DX side: they know that Corsica is still a sought after DXCC Entity in particular for NAs and JAs. At least one station will be dedicated to the ARI International DX Contest during the 3rd-4th May weekend.

The manager will be Antonello IK2DUW, our QSL Master in our past expeditions.

Refer to TK1R page for further informations and online log.

[tnx IZ2ESV]