UPDATE@20:00z. Due to bad weather forecast, and to avoid problems on the return sailing to the mainland, TI9/3Z9DX is now QRT.


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February 19 – Cocos Island suffered from a terrible storm just after 07:00 UTC today. The island is known for an average annual rainfall of over 7,000 mm (over 7m of rainwater a year!). The 4-square antennas suffered being almost washed away but during low tide the team made the necessary repairs. Everything is under control now.

Yesterday, the TI9/3Z9DX team sent these exclusive images for DX-World readers.


Map below showing QTH of TI9/3Z9DX in relation to all corners of the world. Directly above them are 350-400m cliffs. They are using 1KW stations!



“Hi All. I have some free minutes before another TX.Looks like most of people dont understand the situation. This is super low budget operation from TI9. We have 2 people (operators) who are not real DXers. Jorge TI2 Local guy….without him will not be possible to be here, same as Przemek SP8 guy with National Geographic connection. I want them to operate too ! so please have patience to work them. Don’t blame them ! ”slow”,”stupid” etc….even if using psk mode….because he only will use that ! Repeat – without them will be not possible to be here.

Dima and I have to put Antennas (4 sq, spiderbeams, verticals,160, 80…gp7 for upper bands, 2 and 3 el buddipoles) and in the same time operate, sometimes sleep and eat. Why somebody try to compare our trip to NAVASA expedtiton with 500,000$ budget and 12 operators? I have no idea. We are doing our best to make as much contacts we can ..main target was 10,000qso’s, so far 3000 in 24h operation time .

Over 210 applications for TI9 were rejected by ministry of telecoms for TI9 the last 8 years…..if this is not explanation….well….just buy tickets and try to do better. Our antennas are covered by huge cliffs for EU, AF, VK and this is the only location we can use in National Park.

February 17 – Apparently they are not permitted to move from their location by the island manager. They will soon start to assemble Spiderbeams. QRV until February 23rd.

Dom reported they have extremely poor propagation to many parts of Europe on all bands and are only really hearing and working some stations in Scandinavia. In addition their QTH is almost entirely blocked to Europe. They have been QRV on 40m also and Dima RA9USU is finishing off the 4-squares for 80 and 160m.

February 16 – Shortly after 20:00z, Dom 3Z9DX started activity from Cocos Island. The current plan is for Dom to use a 2ele Buddipole on 20m SSB while 4-sqaure antennas are being prepared for 40/80/160. Low bands CW active later.

The team SP8SIW, TI2HMJ, RA9USU, 3Z9DX

The team

Before departing, Dom confirmed with officials in Costa Rica there is no other TI9 activity planned and will not be for some time (contrary to earlier reports a large group were planning a DXpedition to TI9 later this year).

Anticipated QRV on February 16 @ approx. 12:00pm local.

Images below are of 3Z9DX meeting Cocos Island staff who will accompany them on the voyage to the island.

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