[NEWS UPDATE] Another activity in the works for TI7/VEBW activity:

Attached is a picture of the new QTH (grid EJ79gv) The house is located 1000 feet up a hillside on the west coast near Samara I will be travelling back and forth from Canada for the next year, eventually more permanent in 2024. Arriving Feb 26th-Depart around March 12th. QRV all modes 160-6 meters. THe QTH will be available to be rented by Hams (and non hams). Permanent station will be available and a link to licence etc. 10 minutes from the beach.

[NOVEMBER 26, 2022] Joe, VE3BW informs DX-World that he will be operating from Las Villas del Guayabo, Costa Rica as TI7/VE3BW during December 23 to January 4. He explains this is actually the Guayabo Animal Rescue reserve which was established as a nonprofit organization and relies on private donations. QRV on 160-6m, FT8/CW/SSB using wire antennas; 100w. There’s a 50ft tower located at one of the villas.