Last month, March 23, marked one year since the loss of Mr Yasuo “Zorro” Miyazawa (JH1AJT).

We at SEISA Group made a book called “The Roots of SEISA” last year, and have translated it into English so that his friends all over the world can read it. A pdf file of the book is open online at our SEISA Group’s website, so let me share so you can see the book from this link. (Please scroll down the page and you’ll find the link to the book, or download it here) – 52 pages.

Also, now it is possible to accept donation from overseas for his “Foundation for Global Children” from the donation information.

I hope that you will like the book, and his life and words will be remembered.

Thank you very much for your friendship to Mr Zorro.

Best regards,
Yosuke ISHII