P5 Project Team members Paul, N6PSE and David, AH6HY have just returned from their extensive travels throughout the DPRK. Total distance covered was from Panmunjom at the DMZ in the South to Sonbong in the North, bordering China and Russia. Paul and David are among the first Western travellers to be allowed to enter the DPRK from Namyang and later exiting from Wonjong back into China.

The purpose of the visit was to meet with DPRK Government Representatives in Pyongyang and to survey and assess various potential Dxpedition venues throughout the country. Particular attention was paid to terrain and the availability of reliable power.

We are making further refinements to our proposals for a major Dxpedition. We will continue to communicate with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications to further refine our proposals. Our goals are to provide a much needed P5 contact to the entire amateur radio community world-wide.

We also enjoyed visits to several schools and we enjoyed the conversations that we had with the school children. We also were able to visit various factories throughout the country. Plans for a 2nd visit to the DPRK are already underway.

We are very pleased at this time to announce our partnership with the Chinese Amateur Radio Community and their involvement in the P5 Project. We have invited Fan Bin, BA1RB to join the P5 Project Leadership Team and to represent the Chinese Radio Amateur Community in our project.

Thank you,

The P5 Project Leadership Team