Using SWODXA DXpedition of the Year as a reference point and going back to 1989 we can see some very worthy DXpeditions have been awarded this coveted accolade during the past 30 years.

Before we go any further, yes there are indeed some mega DXpeditions which are not even listed and quite probably deserve to be, but for the moment let’s focus solely on the last 30 years of DXpeditions listed in the SWODXA website.  On another day, and we probably will do this, an alternative survey showing DXpeditions outwith the SWODXA list should ideally be compiled too. Perhaps someone else is interested in doing that?

So, 1989 to 2019 is indeed 30 years. A quick check through the winners of each year provides great memories for everyone. Even during years when propagation was poor, some of these major DXpeditions were breaking records or achieving unbelievable results.

In 2011 and 2009, two DXpeditions each shared those years as joint-winners. However, we list them individually in the survey below.

During these times, where world travel is almost at a stop and preparing future DXpeditions is generally far from our minds, we hope you find this survey worthwhile or at least something to keep you busy 🙂

Of course the whole topic of DXpedition of the Year is subjective (even emotive?) but let’s try to find out the DXpedition of DXpeditons (1989-2019) as per SWODXA. 

You are permitted two votes maximum and IPs are logged. Thanks for taking part.


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