UPDATE from K1N Webmaster, W4GKF

As you know we have have a page that collects DQRM information with the hope of creating a “heat” map of where this trash is coming from.  The pileups, however, may not know about it or how to access it.

One can file a report two ways.  1) There is a “DQRM” button on every page of the navassadx.com website and 2) One can go directly to the report form via www.dqrmreport.com. So far we’ve had 36 forms submitted. We’re working with the RSGB on this project.  Our job is to provide the spots; that’s all we do. You’re encouraged to tell everyone who asks.

Now with K1N hitting the airwaves and DQRM already apparent, we feel it our duty to point you to the DQRM Report if you have not already viewed this ground-breaking exercise.

The DQRM Tracking Project


Recently, the amount and intensity of DQRM (Deliberate QRM) has been growing logarithmically, targeting DXpeditions all over the world. DQRMers attempt to spoil communications and disrupt the joy of chasing DX — both for those who need to contact the entity, and for the teams who, at considerable expense, activate stations to share contacts with fellow hams worldwide.

Without going into the motivation of DQRMers, the DX Community is taking steps to eliminate this practice.

The KP1-5 Project, which is producing the 2015 K1N Navassa DXpedition, has been working with tele-communications agencies around the world. The objective is to identify stations who are acting as DQRMers and use legal means to stop this behaviour. The technogy is in hand to solve this problem and, with your assistance, we can stop this blight that is hurting hams worldwide.

How it Works


Locating the stations engaging in DQRM is a matter of triangulation. When the DQRMer is 60db over S9 at your location, you can be pretty sure that station is nearby. If you fill out the form below, our software will collect and analyze the data to produce a reasonably accurate map of the DQRMer’s location. This data will allow a close-in search in the DQRMer’s area and, using local transmitter hunting devices, the offender will be identified.

This is a real-time system that’s been in development for several years; its first major test will be the 2015 K1N Navassa DXpedition.

What You Do


Fill out the form below with as much information as you can provide. All information will remain confidential. The form will go into a database and our DQRM Project software will do the rest. We can stop DQRM — and you can help!

Note: Below you’ll need to provide your Grid Square; if you don’t know it, click HERE to get it; and you’ll be able to copy and paste it. Our thanks to David K2DSL for this service.


DQRM Report Form