Many thanks to all who took the time to submit their completed DX-World BIG Quiz questions. Feedback suggests the quiz should be a regular occurrence so we’ll try our best to make this happen every six months or so. 

Nobody got 30 out of 30! Joint highest score was 29; congrats to those who almost got 100%.

You wanted the answers so here they are

Special mention to good folks at 425 DX News who were a huge help in compiling the questions. 

June 28, 2015 – For those who attended FHN and completed our BIG Quiz, the results are now in!

Nobody managed to get 30 out 30 to be outright winner. In fact, the highest score was 27. A valiant effort indeed.

With the competition now over we’ve decided to open the doors and let the rest of the DX world have a go at answering the questions – just for fun.

Download the BIG Quiz here

We will turn comments off to prevent folks listing answers to some difficult questions, but you are more than welcome to send an email with your final answers to [email protected] – will you be the first 30 out of 30?

Thanks/73 – DX-World team