Randy, N0TG team leader at CY9C recently got in touch:

We had a great time [on the island] and will share more with you later. But, just wanted to say hello and let you know how much we appreciated you sharing photos and info to help us prepare. Also, many thanks to DX-World for promoting our operation.

Helicopter is definitely the way to go, hi… especially given the “age” for most of us! WX was good…we did have a couple strong storms and rain downpours, but not many and overall okay. We learned that the weather changes very quickly.

Pileups never ended. JA’s – worked perhaps 3,000. As you know, difficult path but had some great openings. I’ll share some more as I get more time. For now, I am cleaning up the logs. We did post to LoTW, but still need worked on. QSL cards are in the design process so will be a little while yet before we begin sending. Attached a couple photo’s..again, thanks for all.