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YB8RW/P – Watubela Island, OC-273

UPDATE, 06:00z – Din will probably be QRV from Watubela at 07:00z today staying until Wednesday (22nd). April 17 – Look for Din, YB8RW/P to be active from Watubela Island OC-273 between April 19/20 to 22, 2015. QRV...

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IOTA DXpedition to Talaud Islands, OC-209

In honour of the 50th IOTA anniversary, IIHG (Indonesian Islands Hunter Group) is sponsoring an expedition to several islands in the OC-209 group. YB8RW/P will lead a group of operators from several islands in Talaud Group OC209...

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YB8RW/P – North Indonesian IOTA DXpedition

UPDATE – Din has arrived Marore Island OC-210, QRV soon. From February 10th and lasting about one month, Din YB8RW plans to go on a Northern Indonesia IOTA DXpedition, visiting and activating the following islands: Miangas...

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Approved for IOTA credit

The following operations in the period May/June 2013 have provided acceptable validation and are therefore approved for IOTA credit: HQ3W (NA-160), YB8P (OC-208), YB8RW/P (OC-236), H44AJ (OC-285) and H44S (OC-285). OC-285 is now...

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