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VK5MAV/6 – IOTA activity

FEBRUARY 28 – Latest news update (positive and negative) by VK5MAV here FEBRUARY 3, 2019 – Andy VK5MAV plans to be active from both Houtman Abrolhos OC-211 and Favorite Island OC-183 during the period April 15-25,...

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VK5MAV/6 – Viney Island OC-266

UPDATE – Part 1 to the VK5MAV/6 story can be read here September 13, 2016: Many ops were wondering if Andy was ok due to inactivity from the island. He updates IOTA chasers: “Thank you all who was worrying and tried...

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VK5MAV/6 – Lacepede Isl, OC-214

CANCELLED – Unfortunately, my expedition to Lacepedes OC-214 does not take place. At the end of April 2016 I’ve received verbal approval and the process of obtaining a permit has been launched – the necessary...

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