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5H3UU – Tanzania

Sergey, UT8UU mentions that the 5H3UU expedition to Tanzania is planned for the second half of 2022. The timetable as well as additional information about dates and modes will be added once the basic schedule is complete. Stay...

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5H3MB – Tanzania

UPCOMING – Maurizio IK2GZU / 5H3MB informs DX-World that from September 25 to November 20, 2021 he will return to Tanzania for a volunteer period at the Ikelu hospital in the South Highlands of the country. As usual, in...

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5H1RR – Zanzibar, Tanzania

Roman, RA/3W3RR (ex-9Q9RR) has announced plans to be active from Zanzibar island, AF-032. Currently no set dates as to when 5H1RR activity may happen due to COVID-19. More info to follow in due course..

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5H3DX – Tanzania

NEWS UPDATE COVID-19 is the buzz word here. We have not had a large outbreak, and the government has done an excellent job of containing the index case. What it means for me is that I will be staying. I believe there is more...

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5H3AX & 5H3DX – Tanzania

Charles, 5H3DX (NK8O) and Fred 5H3AX (N8AX) will be operating in Tanzania between 24 February and 21 March from Zinga, Pwani region. Maximum power in Tanzania is 100 watts but they will be using a variety of antennas, including...

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[QRT] 5H4WZ – Tanzania

FEBRUARY 16 DXpedition is approaching the end. Tonight will be last chance for low bands. Then we have to pack all antennas away. From Monday to Tuesday we will operate with one radio. So if someone needS AF-063 it will be last...

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[QRV] 5I4ZZ & 5I5TT – Tanzania

During February 4-18, 2020 the Italian DXpedition Team will be active from Zanzibar Island, AF-032, Tanzania using two callsigns: 5I5TT for CW, SSB & RTTY.5I4ZZ for FT8 & FT4. The team will comprise 10 ops with 5...

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5H3EME & 5H3UA – Tanzania

JULY 11, 2019 — K2BB, RT5A, US7UX, UT7UV, UU0JR will be active from Zanzibar (IOTA AF-032) as 5H3EME & 5H3UA during November 15-30, 2019 (approx). QRV on HF/VHF CW/SSB/Digi/EME. Participation in CQWW DX CW contest. EME...

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