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T31T – Kanton Island

NEWS UPDATE — T31T Kanton Island Expedition part 2 Following our DXpedition to Kanton Island (Central Kiribati) in 2016, we decided to come back to this extraordinary place this year – with a new plan and resources....

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QSL card preview – T31T

The T31T QSLs will be printed in 10 days. After that the team will start sending them out. They want to remind that buro cards will not be answered – please do not request them via Club Log. (None of the team are members...

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T31KNT – Kanton Island

Now that T31T is finished, and reading the earlier info below, T31KNT did indeed receive operator training using a donated Alinco DX-8SR transceiver. Here’s a few videos. September 26, 2016 – Wayne, N0UN passes the...

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T31T photo album

Many pictures from the recent T31T DXpedition to Kanton Island (including images from 5W Samoa prior to departure) can be found here

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DX-World grant to T31T

Through a successful advertising campaign, sometimes DX-World is able to donate or provide additional funding to future DXpeditions. Whilst we cannot sponsor everyone, it’s our belief to support DXpeditions or Projects...

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