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4S7GWG & 4S7RTG – Sri Lanka

NEWS UPDATE – The team is in good shape and installed all antennas last Friday: 2 light weight Spiderbeams, one 30 m vertical , one 40 m vertical, a simple 80 m dipole at a palm tree and a 4 element for 6 m. We also tested...

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4S7BBG – Sri Lanka

A group consisting of OK1DO, OK1FFU, OK1JKT, OK1NY, OK1RI, OK1VVT and OK5MM will be active from Sri Lanka as 4S7BBG between February 29 to March 9, 2016. QRV on 80 – 10m (no 6 or 160m, also limited EME activity on 2m and...

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Provided by Leif, SM5BFJ who states: “I have 310 DXCC confirmed on 160m, but still this QSO is one I don’t forget..”

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Isle of Rockall, EU-189