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CY0C – Sable Island

REMINDER – @ 09:00UT, the “CY0C Team” reported that the weather conditions for travel to Sable Island were excellent! There have been no further communications. Assumption: The Team is in flight to Sable!...

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CY0/VA1AXC – Sable Island

Aaron, VA1AXC is based on Sable island for the next few months. On February 9th, his QSL manager JE1LET, ran a short net operation to give Aaron (brand new operator) his first experience working other stations. Due to working...

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CY0P – Sable Island

listen to ‘WA4DAN/CY0 15 SSB’ on Audioboo UPDATE — The only change to the trip now is its duration. Rather than returning on 11 Oct, for a number of safety (wx) and cost considerations, the return date will...

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