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For Sale – The K1N DVD !

Bob K4UEE and Gary KN4AQ (editor) are proud to announce they have completed this exciting DVD. This is Bob’s tenth DXpedition video. It took THIRTEEN years to get permission to visit Navassa Island. During that time, Navassa...

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Short K1N video

Using a Go-Pro camera, here’s a short video taken by Jerry WB9Z showing the first helicopter flight to Navassa. Also on-board were N4GRN amd W0GJ, the first ham radio operators to set foot on the island for 22 years. The...

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K1N Navassa – An Appeal to Europe

With just a few weeks remaining until K1N hits the airwaves, the Navassa team would like to emphasize how much work and effort has gone into securing an almost perfect take-off to EU. Logistically, Navassa is a challenge...

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News – KP1-5 Project

If you had told us after our very successful DXpedition to Desecheo Island (K5D) that five years would pass and we would not have operated from Navassa Island, we would not have believed you. The excitement on our part and on...

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Thoughts on Navassa..

Message from Robert J Calver, VE3UUH I have received an e-mail from the Fisheries and Oceans USA concerning KP1 Navassa Island. This island is not open to the public – it has been closed to the public for more than 10...

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