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Images from NA-060 & NA-190

Daniel, DL5YWM was recently active as HR4/DL5YWM from Isla del Tigre NA-060 and now as YS3/DL5YWM from Isla Meanguera, NA-190. He sends exclusive pictures to DX-World of both his island activities.   Daniel asks if anyone...

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HQ4W – Tigre Island, NA-060

UPDATE II – Dan HQ4W will now remain on NA-060 this weekend. [audio:http://dx-world.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/HQ4W-15-SSB-NA-060.mp3|titles=HQ4W-15-SSB-NA-060] Oct 2 – Earlier than expected, after leaving port...

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Provided by Dmitry, RZ3DJ. Only 422 QSOs were made in a year. Rare card !

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Tubuai Island, OC-152 (FO/A)

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