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QRT – ZS8A, ZS8C & ZS8Z – Marion Island

ZS8A, ZS8C, ZS8Z are all now QRT from Marion island and returning home to Cape Town. Carson ZS8C left a last minute note on April 29th saying: This will be my last post from the island! Unfortunately, I will be leaving the...

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ZS8KX – Marion Island

Replacing the current ops on Marion Island (ZS8A, ZS8C and ZS8Z), look for Gerard ZS1KX (ex ZD9KX) to show as ZS8KX much later this year once his initial workload shortens. More info will be updated throughout the year, but you...

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Info from ZS8Z

David will update his current log book to ClubLog. There is a backlog which David is updating to HRD, so if your QSO is not in the log, do not panic, he will be updating his back log periodically. David will complete the entire...

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Prior to ZS8

A farewell dinner was held in support of the team leaving this week. Nadia and Marius will be taking the RAE (radio amateur exam) on the island – a first – and also a first for a female operator on ZS8. We wish them...

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