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VK0AI – Macquarie Island

NEWS UPDATE — Macca Station Communications Tech, Norbert, is a ham radio operator who spends some of his spare time contacting other hams worldwide. His radio callsign, VK0AI, is now well known in the ham radio world, as...

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Macquarie Island 2018

John, VK3YP has announced planning has commenced for a Dxpedition to Macquarie Island (#9 on Club Log most wanted DXCC) in early 2018 with a total of 5 VK operators. More details to follow as we get closer to the date....

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Macquarie research station to remain open.

Just over a week after it was announced that the VK0/M research station was to close in 2017, a decision by the Australian Federal Government has reversed the closure. After three days of outcry from the scientific community and...

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VK0MH – Macquarie Island, AN-005

UPDATE: Unfortunately, due to health issues, Rod has had to cancel his planned trip to Macquarie Island. A Melanoma was found on Rod’s arm at the last minute and he had to undergo an operation in Hobart. Under these...

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