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XX9TIH & XX9TUD – Macau 2015 DXpedition

UPDATE – Why we cannot hear as many of you as we wished? The answer is simple: The only hotel who agreed to our antenna installation was Pousada de Coloane. The problem is that we are encircled by close mountains to West,...

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XX9TYT – Macau

UPCOMING – Andy, IK7YTT will be active from Coloane Island AS-075 as XX9TYT between September 4-8, 2014. QRV also during the All Asian DX Contest (SSB) QSL via IZ8CCW. FIRST FOR DX NEWS –...

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Provided by Leif, SM5BFJ who states: ” I have 310 DXCC confirmed on 160 m, but still this QSO is one I don’t forget..”

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