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LoTW Credits

With the vast use of LoTW here’s an area for you to: 1) let others know of credits received from DXpeditions / DX stations. 2) inform of DX stations from yesteryear who now upload to LoTW. 3) mention, in general, what you...

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LINK You can be a “top-notch DXpedition” in as many DXers eyes as you like, but to charge for a simple LoTW upload is treading on new ground. I hope this does not catch on. Don’t you think for those who still...

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LoTW News

Trusted QSL 1.14.3 is now publicly released and available here. Trusted QSL 2.0 is now in Beta test and available here. TQSL 2.0 release notes are available here.

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ARRL LoTW Study Committee

ARRL LoTW Study Committee — In January 2013, the ARRL Board of Directors chartered a committee to review and make recommendations about Logbook of the World. This committee held its first meeting on April 12th and formed...

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